A letter from our Chairman and CEO

Thursday, March 26, 2020

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24 March 2020

To Our Clients:

We have all been caught facing an unprecedented challenge and we must prioritize the critical aspects of our collective lives and businesses. We are taking the socially appropriate steps in conducting our lives and business and wish you all good health and safety as you perform the same.

Kugler Maag Cie have made some adjustments to our current business deliveries that you may have booked or were considering booking prior to the current COVID-19 emergency. We have defined means of performing remote assessments and training courses in which all participants are located in their independent and safe work environments. 

Remote Automotive SPICE Assessments:

We have a continuing demand for these assessments, many are already disrupted by the current COVID-19 events.  We have therefore worked on a solution to perform remote assessments without significant loss of quality. In this context, remote means that each participant and each assessor can be at a location of their choice. This solution provides for the following:

A. The duration of the assessment is extended by one day. Additionally, we will test the communication infrastructure in advance to ensure an efficient assessment process. This is necessary because of more complicated communications, delays due to the communication infrastructure and longer, more frequent breaks. 

B. To ensure the efficiency of the assessment, only Kugler Maag Cie assessors will conduct the assessment. 

C. We will use the client’s communication infrastructure (e.g. Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, ...) to ensure the confidentiality of the data and to minimize compatibility problems. 

We feel this strategy will enable us to deliver quality assessments as needed during the coming weeks until we can return to normal business operations. 

Remote Training:

The following remote training strategy applies to our Introductory Automotive SPICE and Functional Safety classes as well as certain certification courses for Automotive SPICE. The duration of the training courses will be extended from their typical delivery time frame. This is necessary due to the challenges of on-line delivery and allowance for longer and more frequent breaks. 

A. We utilize an on-line collaboration tool with features such as the following:

- Screen sharing and content sharing with collaborative features: Participants can ask questions, chat, annotate the trainer's content with their mouse, present their own content, work on a whiteboard with everyone else

- Video sharing for instructors or students when appropriate.

- Audio sharing: trainer and participants can discuss without restrictions

- Infrastructure for exercises: The tool provides virtual rooms for group work, in which the participants can discuss among themselves, but can also involve the trainer at any time.

B. This tool is browser-based and has very low technical requirements. However, these must be clarified beforehand. If you prefer your own communication infrastructure (e.g. Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, ...), this is also possible in principle for courses privately delivered to your organization, but not for our public offerings. 

C. You will receive the training material in advance as a PDF file as well as the participant certificates at the completion of the remote training.

We are offering these flexible solutions to you such that you can still make some productive gains during this challenging period. We will absorb any cost impact of delivering these services in this remote manner while life is largely disrupted by the COVID-19 outbreak. In cases where your normal work is so disrupted perhaps training or remotely facilitated workshops on these topics can be useful to fill gaps in your teams’ operational knowledge of ASPICE and functional safety topics. 

We will sort out the details of performing these remote deliveries with those of you that already have booked business with us that has been or is likely to be disrupted. However, please feel to contact us to discuss other concerns or questions you may have regarding your consulting needs and alternative means of assisting you that may be required at this time.

We all have a long list of worries right now, and many people globally are impacted in very sad ways both physically and economically. Our collective health and safety are our first priority. 

Kind Regards,

Peter Abowd CEO Kugler Maag Cie North America Inc.

Bonifaz Maag Chairman Kugler Maag Cie North America Inc.


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